Our Story

Founder of Assila LLC is Alissa Chavez, a teenager from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Alissa was raised by her mother,  Anna Chavez, who is the owner of a childcare. Alissa loves working with the children in her mother’s daycare, they were also part of the inspiration for her first invention “Hot Seat.” Alissa heard several stories of children dying after they were accidentally left in a hot car. She wanted to find a way to prevent these types of accidents.

Alissa Chavez inventor


She created the “Hot Seat” as a project for her school’s science fair. She patented her product that same year and started her company Assila LLC. Alissa then began working with engineers to design the “Hot Seat.”  Being a teenager, she didn’t have all of the resources that it takes to bring a product to the market. She knew that she needed to build a prototype of her invention in order to move forward. In 2014, she received a “Good Samaritan” award from Mayor Richard J. Berry of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Alissa started a crowdfunding campaign for the prototype. Alissa began gaining international media attention for her product and she was able to raise four times more than her original goal. With the help of all her supporters, the prototype was completed. She was then able to move forward to manufacturing and marketing her product. She went on to receive awards from Glamour Magazine, New Mexico Women in Technology, and Design Good.

Alissa is excited to continue bringing innovative products to the market.

About Hot Seat

As parent’s we would do anything to be sure that our children are healthy, happy and safe. Busy mothers, fathers and caregivers know that we juggle many things throughout the day and our children are always a priority.  We also know that accidents may happen and the consequences can be heartbreaking.  On average, 40 children every year die from being accidentally left in a hot car.  It is a rapidly growing problem in the United States and around the world.

Hot Seat was designed to prevent these types of accidents.  It is very user friendly and can be used in any infant, toddler or booster seat.  Hot Seat has two components; a sensor pad that can be placed in any car seat and and app available for iPhones.  The sensor pad connects via Bluetooth directly to the caregivers Hot Seat app on their iPhone.  You can also connect multiple Hot Seat sensor pads.  If the sensor pad senses that a child is in the car seat and the cell phone is at least 20ft away from the vehicle an alarm on your iPhone will sound, notifying you that a child has been left in the vehicle.  Heatstroke of children accidentally left in a hot car is a rapidly growing problem. Hot Seat is the solution to preventing any more of these hot car tragedies.


Cars Heat Fast

Cars sitting in 80 degree temperatures heat up very quickly; 99 degrees in only 10 minutes.

Hot Car


Accidental Heat Stroke

From 1998 to today, over 700 children have died from being accidentally left in a hot car.  It is a heartbreaking tragedy that many parents and caregivers  believe would never happen to them.  Sadly, this type of accident does happen.  On average 40 children every year die from this type of heartbreaking accident.  The temperature in a vehicle can rise to dangerously high temperatures in a matter of minutes.  Children are at increased risk of heatstroke because they are unable to regulate their body heat as well as adults.  Within 10 minutes, the temperature in a vehicle can rise up to 20 degrees.  Over the first 30 minutes, the temperature in a car rises 1 degree every minute.  These heartbreaking accidents are happening more and more, our goal is to have Hot Seat in every child’s car seat and prevent any more of these terrible accidents.  Together, we can save lives and prevent any more children from becoming victim to a preventable accident.

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